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how can you watch your concert videos?

The Future of Dance Concert Videos

Do you remember watching your Dance Concerts on VHS Tapes? Now there’s a bit of ancient history. Even trying to find a VCR to play them on now days is very difficult.

The same is happening to DVDs. They will soon also be ancient history. So the question is, how can you watch your concert videos?

VHS Tapes – A bit of ancient history
DOD – The Future of Dance Concert Videos

The best format is Digital Online Delivery, or DOD.

If you are still getting your Concert Videos on DVD, Blu-ray or a USB stick it’s time to talk to your Video Production Company about changing to DOD.

When we changed from VHS to DVDs there was a slight learning curve. This will be the same for the change from DVDs to DODs. However the benefits far outweigh the initial difficulties of learning a new a way of watching your concert video.

Benefits of DOD

DODs are higher quality than DVDs, a DOD can come in HD or UHD, while the DVD is stuck at SD quality. If these are all a bunch of letters to you have a look at In the Spotlight Productions’ Concert Video Demo on DOD. GET DEMO.
DODs feature full interactive menus
The DOD can be watched on any device, Smart Phones, Tablets, TVs, Computers. There is no disc you need to take with you, and nothing you can scratch, crack or lose. I’m sure there are many times DVDs are damaged, or even lost. The DOD is in your account which is linked to your email address. Parents get emailed a link from which they can create a free account. This link cannot be shared. All their Concert Videos go into their Library. From here they can watch the concert using the interactive menus to navigate to their child’s item. The kids can watch the concert again and again and again, and never accidentally damage or lose the video. Parents can show friends and family their child’s performance on their smart phone, tablet, TV, basically any device. Some Production Companies deliver Concert Videos on USB Sticks. Unfortunately this is also an older technology which will disappear. If Parents are really wanting a USB Stick, then they can download the mp4 in their DOD and transfer it to a USB. However the viewing experience will still be far superior through the DOD.

Get the free Mediazilla App for the best experience on your TV or device

your next Concert Video should be DOD

Upgrade Old Concerts

The next step will be to upgrade existing Concert DVDs to DODs. This will become more important as less people have a DVD player and also the shelf life for DVDs is limited. Already some burnt DVDs from when they first were released, in 2002, cannot be played.

The demise of the DVD format has also been accelerated by COVID-19, with on demand streaming platforms flourishing.

There is no doubt that your next Concert Video should be DOD.

Make sure you talk to your Video Production Company about producing your concert video as a DOD. There’s also some more information on how we deliver DODs on our FAQ page. Feel free to give In the Spotlight Productions a call or drop us a line.

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