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Helping make your end of year Concert Possible`

One of the ways you can make this year’s Dance Concert feasible is to offer the audience a streaming option. So they buy tickets to the streamed video of the concert. Read more

End of year Dance Concert Options

No one can give a definite answer to these questions. However, based on where we are at now, I would say that concerts are a definite possibility, however with some changes made to meet Government requirements. Read more

Free Animated Logo Intro

In this difficult time, I’d like to help, so If we filmed your Dance Concert last year I want to make available, free of charge, an animated logo intro. Read more

Dance Classes Online – Some Thoughts

We’ve all been hit hard by the Corona Virus Pandedmic. Dance Studios have had to close their doors and now are looking at how they can continue classes online In the Spotlight Productions has been filming Dance Concerts for over 20 years and one thing I’ve learnt is that your Dance Studio is not just a business, it’s a family. Read more  

Running a Successful Eisteddfod

Running an Eisteddfod can be very rewarding, but it also can be crazy, intense and if not planned well feel like everything’s out of control. If the day runs late, people are unhappy and it can be overwhelming. Recently we spoke to Nadia Vella-Taranto who runs the Sydney Stars on Show Eisteddfod, to get some tips on how she runs a successful Eisteddfod. She shared some key do’s and don’ts that might help you in running an Eisteddfod. Read more  

Getting the Lighting Right for your Dance Concert

Have you ever gotten your Concert DVD and it’s too dark in places, or parts of the stage are really bright while other parts are in dark shadow? Lighting for your Concert can be very frustrating, especially when it comes to the DVD. Getting the lighting right will totally change not only the live experience but also make your parents happy because they can see their kids. Read more

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