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Free Animated Logo Intro

In this difficult time, I’d like to help, so If we filmed your Dance Concert last year I want to make available, free of charge, an animated logo intro.

You can choose to have extra titles, like the name of the class. So, you can play this at the beginning of each lesson.

Click on the image above to view an example of the style of animations available. We have about 80 you can choose from.

Let me know which style you would like, including background colours, any text you would like on the screen, any music (please supply that.) If I don’t have your logo, make sure you send it to me as well.

If we didn’t film your Dance Concert last year, we can still do an animation for you. Normally prices start from $80.00. Right now, they start at $40.00.

Just give us a call on 0413 75 43 43 or email


Enter your details below and we’ll send you a Digital Online Delivery (DOD) of our concert video demo.