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End of year Dance Concert Options

No one can give a definite answer to these questions.

However, based on where we are at now, I would say that concerts are a definite possibility, however with some changes made to meet Government requirements.

Eisteddfods in a modified format may also be possible.

Having a concert with reduced audience numbers to allow for social distancing may be a possibility.

Even if numbers don’t need to be reduced, we believe that it makes sense to set up some alternatives for vulnerable members of our community to watch the concert.

We have put together a number of streaming options for concerts.

Options 1 is to live stream the concert, either with just one camera, or a live mix between 2 or more cameras

Options 2 is a delayed live stream.

With both options you would set up access for an unlisted video with password access to ensure only those who have permission can watch the stream.

If you go with a live stream the advantage is that it’s immediate, people can watch it as it happens.

The disadvantage is that it costs more, and also, we are dependent on having a high-quality consistent internet connection.

As you will have experienced with doing lessons through zoom, quality can be quite poor at times.

Option 2, the delayed stream, means the concert would be streamed approx. 3 to 10 hours after the concert.

The disadvantage is that it’s not immediate, as the concert happens.

But the advantage would be that it’s a lot cheaper. We have worked out that pricing would start at about 5 dollars extra on top of the edited concert video, which would mean they would get the delayed stream as well as the fully edited version down the track.

Also, it means you are guaranteed high quality as you are not relying on the internet connection during the concert.

For Eisteddfods, if you can’t have an audience, I would say the best option would be a live stream.

The cost of this would be included in what would have been ticket sales.

Everything is very fluid, and I’m sure before we get there things will have changed dramatically.

One thing is clear everyone is wanting to get back into life, whether it be dancing, other sports, or just going out to a café, restaurant or the club.

By the end of the year we will need this to give hope and lift our spirits from these very dark days

Please give us a call, on 02 9620 1658 or email me, and I am happy to go into more details about how one of these options would work for you.

Enter your details below and we’ll send you a Digital Online Delivery (DOD) of our concert video demo.