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Your Concert is the big Celebration to end the year

I think you will agree that 2021 was a lot harder than 2020. This lockdown feels like it’s been going for ever.

Now the big question is when it lifts what can Dance Studios actually do before the year comes to an end? The big finale for every year is the end of year Concert.

For some of you the decision has been made, the 2021 end of year concert will be cancelled. For others, you are looking at how it can be made to work.

Obviously a big question mark hangs over whether Dance Studios will be able to start up again once we hit the 70% mark for full vaccinations. If they can, what does this look like?

Also will this give you enough time to prepare for an end of year concert?

There is no easy answer.

If you do decide to go ahead we want to make it as stress free and easy as possible. So at ITS Productions we are once again offering FREE Delayed streams of all concerts we film. If you can’t have an audience, or your audience is very limited, this will hopefully be something you can monetise and help make it all possible.

Once the performance is complete

In the Spotlight Productions’ FREE Delayed Streaming of 2021 Concerts

Once the performance is complete we send a link to those who purchase a delayed stream. They can access this for a limited time period(you decide for how long). This link cannot be shared. The Stream is from the wide camera only, and runs like a normal concert. After this we edit the Concert as we normally would with the close and wide cameras combined. We than supply the Concert Video either as a Digital Online Delivery(DOD) and/or DVD.

Another option

Turn your Concert into a Red Carpet event at your local Cinema
Another option some Dance Studios went with last year was to turn the Concert into a Cinema experience. Once the Concert is edited you work with a local Cinema to have a big premiere red carpet launch of the Concert. The cost of converting the Concert to the DCP format(Cinema format) is about $600.00. Once again we are offering this for free

We will work with you

In addition we will work with you to make sure we can capture your end of year concert in whatever form it takes shape. Other options that some studios are looking at is to have the Concert early in the New year, say in February. Again if there’s any way we can help to make this work for you let us know. No matter how we look at it this has been a very tough year. We are hoping that this will be the end of lockdowns, of not being able to spend time with loved ones, of not being able to do the things we love. Email us or if you would like to have a chat call on 0413 75 43 43
What Can We Do For You

Resources to help with your Concert

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